img_2195I am Emma. A girl in a boys world. The kind of Mum who fake tans before her sons swimming lessons. Mum to Eden (2) and Xander (5months) and Vinnie the dog. Wife to Sam- my dreamboat, hero and best friend. I started The Fake Tan Mum because I’ve wanted to do it for years and have finally got the courage. Who knows what life holds for us whilst on this ridiculous ┬áParent journey but feel free to follow me along for the ride. I write most of my posts at 3am under the stars. I don’t sleep outside- my 2 year old has a lovely constellation on the ceiling.



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Disclaimer- I understand.

I understand that not everyone will understand what I write. And that’s fine. I understand. Parenting like our children comes in various shapes and sizes. And no one is right/ wrong. These are just my tales . My experiences. My struggles. Try not to judge me please. And just enjoy my posts for what I intend them to be- lighthearted.